Asplenium antiquum ‘Victoria’, Victoria Bird’s Nest Fern

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Recently Shipped Asplenium antiquum 'Victoria', Victoria Bird's Nest Fern

9 reviews for Asplenium antiquum ‘Victoria’, Victoria Bird’s Nest Fern

  1. Peggy Maki (verified owner)

    Huge specimen. Love it

  2. Dr Anne (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant. Very happy!!

  3. Jennifer C. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my first purchase. My order processed and shipped very quickly. The plant opened up and seems to have settled quickly. Seems identical to the picture you sent…nice touch. Would love if your review app would let us share a picture.

  4. Sandra Bowman (verified owner)

    My favorite fern. Beautiful

  5. clayton carroll (verified owner)

    Yes my review of this plant is exactly like my review of all the other plant I purchased from Plant one. Because premium plants is exactly what I received. Let me tell you all about my purchase. Thank you very much. Thank you for advertising exactly what you send. So many times growers will send 4″ pots with a meager rooted stick of a plant all pumped up on fertilizer. Plant Vine delivered! I received a very nice looking plant. The soil was held in place by moist heavy duty paper towel. All wrapped I have a shrink like plastic. Even upside no soil escaped. Also, the plant was very well rooted. Not quite pot bound but by end of summer maybe. The premium soil was a luscious black with time release fertilizer and drains as a premium soil should. At the big box stores your paying way too much for 4″ and 6″ pots. I’ve seen the gallon pot going for 100.00. You know like I know those plants are rushed to the market. PlantVine delivers and yes I will buy from and recommend, PlantVine again and again and again. Thank you PlantVine.

  6. JENNIFER (verified owner)

  7. Amber R. (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these ferns and couldn’t be more happy with the entire process from ordering to now caring for them. They arrived in excellent condition and have adjusted well in their new home.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    several leaves were missing half of the lead. Others had holes.

  9. Michael Cody (verified owner)

    When l ordered my plants from plant vine l also ordered some other plants from different nurseries which l have not received after 31/2 wks but PlantVine plants arrived about 12days after l ordered them they r fabulous all 5 of them l have since repotted 2 of them and will do the rest soon l will also order more plants like Chinese money tree my nieces and a lot of people on growlt want to know where l got them they r so nice PlantVine u r fabulous fabulous fabulous love everything l received 👍👍👍😀😀😀🌲🌵🌿🌱🦠

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