Anthurium ‘Selby’s Silver’

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Scientific Name: Anthurium crystallinum ‘Selby Silver’

Common Names: Anthurium ‘Selby’s Silver’

Overview: Anthurium ‘Selby’s Silver’ is a captivating variety of the beloved Anthurium family, distinguished by its exquisite foliage. Each heart-shaped leaf shimmers with a unique silvery sheen, patterned with contrasting deep green veins that create a striking visual effect. This rare and sought-after cultivar stands out in any indoor plant collection, bringing a touch of tropical elegance to your home or office.

‘Selby’s Silver’ thrives in bright, indirect light, which accentuates its metallic hues and promotes healthy growth. It prefers a humid environment, mimicking its native tropical rainforests, making it perfect for a well-lit bathroom or kitchen.


1 review for Anthurium ‘Selby’s Silver’

  1. kyra (verified owner)

    I have been watching Luis’ picks for quite some time and always wanted to get one! This one is perfect. It’s much larger than others I have seen and the price was fantastic. It made it through shipping just fine and is acclimating to my home well.

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