Anthurium pendulifolium x crenatum

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Scientific Name: Anthurium pendulifolium x crenatum

Common Names: None

Overview: The Anthurium Pendulifolium x Crenatum is a captivating hybrid hailing from the tropical rainforests of Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. Known for its variable, slender, blade-like leaves, this aroid boasts a unique organ, the geniculum, that allows leaf rotation for optimal light absorption. Thriving in warm and humid conditions, it prefers temperatures of 21 to 29 degrees Celsius and requires at least 80% indoor humidity. It enjoys a well-draining potting mix and does not like being wet constantly. The plant tolerates various light levels but prefers bright, indirect sunlight, especially from the early morning sun. Ideal for houseplant enthusiasts, this Anthurium is a must-have for aroid collectors due to its distinct features and low-maintenance care requirements

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