Pink Ginger Alpinia

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Scientific Name: Alpinia purpurata ‘Pink Ginger’

Common Names: Pink Ginger Alpinia, Ostrich Plume, Hawaiian Cone Ginger Plant

Overview: Alpinia purpurata ‘Pink Ginger’, commonly known as Pink Ginger or Hawaiian Ginger, is a stunning tropical plant renowned for its vibrant pink flower bracts and lush, green foliage. Native to the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia, this perennial plant adds a touch of exotic beauty to gardens and indoor spaces alike. The Pink Ginger features tall, upright stems adorned with glossy, lance-shaped leaves that can reach up to 4-6 feet in height.

The true highlight of Alpinia purpurata is its brilliant, cone-shaped inflorescences that emerge from the top of the stems, lasting for several weeks. These striking blooms are ideal for cutting and display in floral arrangements. To ensure optimal growth, place the Pink Ginger in well-draining soil with partial shade, providing ample water and humidity.

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