Aloysia virgata, Sweet Almond Verbena, Incense Bush, Sweet Almond Bush

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Recently Shipped Aloysia virgata, Sweet Almond Verbena, Incense Bush, Sweet Almond Bush


The Sweetest Smelling Flowers For Your Landscape

Grown best in full sun and zones 8 – 11, the Aloysia Virgata is also known as Sweet Almond Verbena or Sweet Almond Bush. It’s native to Argentina and other warmer climates though it can do okay in some less ideal conditions. Aloysia Virgata is even a drought tolerant plant that doesn’t need a lot of watering from you.

The Sweet Almond Verbena, produces beautiful white blooms throughout spring, summer and fall that bloom best in full sun. While the pollen can cause allergic reactions, the Sweet Almond Bush is generally a safe plant that will provide you with not only the flowers but also bees, butterflies, and birds to watch.

If you’re looking for something that works well indoors or outdoors, this is a great option. Whether as a houseplant or as a hedge in your yard, the Sweet Almond Verbena is an ornamental option that can grow as tall as 15 feet.The best part about the Aloysia Virgata is the beautiful, sweet scent of the flowers they bloom. The Sweet Almond Bush is very low maintenance and will grow back after the winter months as the weather gets warmer again.

The Sweet Almond Verbena requires average water during its first year of growth but once established it can be quite drought tolerant.

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

Sun Exposure

Full Sun

Mature Height

8 ft – 15 ft


3 ft – 4 ft

15 reviews for Aloysia virgata, Sweet Almond Verbena, Incense Bush, Sweet Almond Bush

  1. Paula (verified owner)

    My plants were received pkgd very well, were green, and healthy.

    I planted them in the ground a week ago and they are vibrant, blooming, and smell SOOO good!

    I will definitely order from this company in the future.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My almond verbena plant arrived in a short time; it was well packaged and I’m very happy with my purchase. More importantly, I appreciate the plant care tips that were emailed to me prior to receiving my cargo via mail. The one tip in particular, which says to wait about 5-7 days before planting your plant is crucial!
    Thank you! I would shop from you again and recommend you to all.

  3. Janeen Lamothe (verified owner)

    Plant came in perfect order and when promised. I would advise anyone to purchase from Plantvine.

  4. Robin B. (verified owner)

    Arrived in beautiful condition and as of today is thriving! Thank you!

  5. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Wonderful plants and service!

  6. Serey (verified owner)

    Healthy and well packaged! I’m very very very happy! I will continue to place orders with them in the future!

  7. PAUL (verified owner)

    Great customer service

  8. Roger Ellis (verified owner)

    If only Fed-Ex would have delivered them in a timely manor. They are recovering and I know they will grow out into beautiful plants. Thank you – you provide the best in the way you keep me notified, pictures and all.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Plant was in great shape when it arrived.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Plant was in wonderful condition when I received it. Shipping was very prompt. Very satisfied with my purchase!!

  11. Kim W. (verified owner)

    Plants arrived healthy and beautiful

  12. Timothy Randolph (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in terrific shape! Thanks

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Heidi L. (verified owner)

    Healthy plant!

  15. abby_shepard (verified owner)

    My 5-year-old Sweet Almond Verbena fell victim to a cold snap this April and I was heartbroken to find I couldn’t get a replacement from my normal supplier. I’m so happy I found you guys – not only is the plant I received the best quality I’ve ever experienced from an online supplier – It compares with the quality of plants I buy from my local nursery – and I am pretty picky! Seeing an actual photo of my plant before they shipped it was an amazing touch of customer service and attention to detail. You guys really rock and I will check with you first ANY TIME I need to buy something online… and then some. My plant was in amazing condition and was specifically chosen based on my order request. I feel like they truly cared with their responsive approach and quality of the product I received. Love you guys… congrats on doing such a great job! I’m thoroughly impressed and am now a BIG FAN from Boston!!

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Why others chose the Aloysia virgata, Sweet Almond Verbena, Incense Bush, Sweet Almond Bush

I love the smell and how beautiful it is!

To attract pollinators to my yard

My mother has been looking for one of these bushes for awhile. Happy mother's day


the fragrance is unbelievable

Honeybees love this plant. First experienced Sweet Almond Verbena at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum - they have a large one growing in the Barabara Bush Garden, and it smeels so good. You can smell its sweetness through the trees.

The fragrance plus color (Butterflies like the plant.)

Good for butterflies

the most amazing fragrance you'll ever experience on your deck!

I had one at previous residence, smells amazing!

Got something to discuss?

Janie Barnhardt
2 years 4 months ago

What size is the almond verbena.

2 years 4 months ago

Hi! Our large almond verbena is about 18-24 inches tall, which include the pot in that height.

5 months 12 days ago

planted last yr as a twig and grew to aprox. 3ft.- and had great flowering late spring into fall. This yr however, all I have is growth with no flowering, it’s now late June…? The plant is about 5 ft and still growing rapidly, but what good is it w/o the scented flowers? anyone with knowledge why is appreciated.

1 month 4 hours ago

Hi Danny, Deadheading (removing the spent blooms) gently encourages continued blooming and can help with the legginess of your plant.

Mark Roundtree
2 months 8 days ago

What size pot does this come in?

1 month 3 days ago

Hi Mark

Large 8-10” pot approx 3 gallon size