Alocasia zebrina ‘Reticulata’

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Scientific Name: Alocasia zebrina ‘Reticulata’

Common Names: Reticulated Elephant Ear

Overview: Introduce an element of the wild into your living space with the Alocasia zebrina ‘Reticulata’. This unique variant stands out with its striking, reticulated leaf pattern, creating an intricate network of bold green veins against a lighter green backdrop. The plant derives its name from its zebra-patterned stems, which adds an extra dimension of intrigue. This tropical wonder grows in an upright fashion, its broad leaves reaching outwards, creating a dramatic silhouette. Alocasia zebrina ‘Reticulata’ prefers humid conditions, indirect light, and well-draining soil, and while it requires a bit more care than the average houseplant, the visual payoff is worth the effort. This plant brings an exotic touch to any indoor collection, earning admiration for its artistic leaf design and unique stems.

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