Alocasia ‘Serpent’s Tail’

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Scientific Name: Alocasia brancifolia ‘Serpent’s Tail’

Common Names: Serpent’s Tail Elephant Ear

Overview: Dive into the world of tropical foliage with the Alocasia brancifolia ‘Serpent’s Tail’ – a botanical gem that marries beauty with uniqueness. Aptly named, the ‘Serpent’s Tail’ boasts long, sinuous leaves that mimic the winding motion of a serpent, providing an intriguing visual appeal that’s unmatched. The velvety deep-green leaves, accentuated by prominent veins, give it an almost otherworldly allure. Perfect for those looking to elevate their plant collection or add a touch of the tropics to their living space. This Alocasia variety flourishes in well-draining soil and indirect sunlight, making it ideal for indoor settings or sheltered outdoor spots.

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Its keaves are so beautiful and is such a different alocasia love the palm look