Alocasia odora ‘Variegata’, Elephant Ear

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Recently Shipped Alocasia odora 'Variegata', Elephant Ear

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10b, 11a

Sun Exposure

Partial Shade

Mature Height

4 ft – 6 ft


12 in – 15 in


  1. Top

    When will your product be available for sale again?

  2. Chaow

    Hello! I want to order 4 Alocasia odora ‘Variegata’, Elephant Ear.
    When do you have available? Please let me know
    Thank you:)

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Why others chose the Alocasia odora ‘Variegata’, Elephant Ear

Replace variegated alocasia Odora that froze to death during the big Tx/La freeze earlier this year.

beautiful and expensive elswhere

This was such a great deal! Every single one of these plants are $80-$100 for a tiny one leaf 4-6inch pot. This is why i love Plantvine. Their prices arent a scam. You actually get value for you purchases on plants like how it used to be in the good ole days.