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Scientific Name: Aglaonema ‘Mary Ann’

Overview: The Aglaonema ‘Mary Ann’ is a stunning and resilient houseplant, celebrated for its striking foliage and adaptability. This variety features elongated, glossy leaves with a mesmerizing blend of green and creamy white patterns, creating a visually soothing appearance. Native to the tropical rainforests of Asia, it’s also known as the ‘Chinese Evergreen,’ a testament to its Asian heritage.

Typically growing to about 18-24 inches in height, the Aglaonema ‘Mary Ann’ is well-suited for indoor environments, thriving in low to medium light conditions. It’s an excellent choice for less sunny spaces, making it a versatile addition to any interior. I

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5 reviews for Aglaonema ‘Mary Ann’ Elite

  1. David L. (verified owner)

  2. anne l. (verified owner)

    You-did very well. Your shipping by FedEx was a lot to be desired. They put off at least 3 times the arrival date on when plant was to arrive at its destination. At least the plant did arrive in good shape. But was so afraid it wouldn’t . Thank you again in prompt responses & explanations.

  3. Chris W. (verified owner)

    Very full and almost zero damage to any leaves — better quality than what you would find at most local nurseries, and the shipping is faster than any other online site I’ve tried.

  4. Ann Young (verified owner)

  5. Alice L. (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy plant! Bushy and lush and brings me so much joy. Love it so much.

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