Dwarf Blue Tango Bromeliad

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Scientific Name: Aechmea ‘Del Mar’

Common Names: Bromeliad ‘Dwarf Blue Tango’, Blue Tango Bromeliad, Urn Plant

Overview: Bromeliad ‘Dwarf Blue Tango’ is a stunning small-sized plant that belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. It is a hybrid cultivar that is appreciated for its bright blue-green leaves that feature an attractive purple blush. The plant produces a small, compact rosette that grows up to 6-8 inches tall and wide. During its flowering season, which typically occurs in late summer to fall, the plant produces a bright pink bract with purple-blue flowers. ‘Dwarf Blue Tango’ is an easy-to-care-for plant that thrives in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. It is an ideal plant for indoor settings or for adding color and texture to rock gardens, terrariums, or container plantings.

Recently Shipped Dwarf Blue Tango Bromeliad



If you’re looking for vibrant color and easy care, look no further than the ‘Del Mar’ Bromeliad. The ‘Blue Tango’s’ hypnotic blue and purple flowers on their hot pink spike light up a room and create a truly tropical mood.

Outdoors, the Del Mar is well suited to grow in many different frost-free regions, preferring light shade or indirect sunlight. They also thrive indoors, even in office spaces with florescent lighting. The Del Mar is quite hardy, not susceptible to many pests.

Because there is no stem to the plant, the leaves actually come together to form a type of rosette (commonly called a “tank”) to take in water. Keeping  water in the central “tank” will keep the plant flourishing.

Caring for your Dwarf Blue Tango Bromeliad

Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ is a beautiful bromeliad hybrid known for its striking foliage and stunning flowers. This tropical plant can thrive both indoors and outdoors in warm, humid environments. Here’s everything you need to know to care for this unique plant:


Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ does best in bright, indirect light. This plant can handle a few hours of direct sunlight, but too much direct sunlight can scorch the leaves. When grown indoors, place the plant near a window that receives bright, filtered light. When grown outdoors, place it in a spot with partial shade. Avoid placing this plant in a location where it will receive direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day.


Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ requires consistently moist soil. However, it’s important not to overwater the plant, as this can lead to root rot. When watering, pour water into the rosette formed by the leaves and also water the soil. It’s essential to keep the central rosette filled with water at all times, as this is where the plant gets most of its moisture. However, make sure not to let the water pool in the rosette for too long, as this can lead to rot.


This bromeliad is native to tropical areas, so it requires high humidity levels to thrive. If you live in a dry climate, consider using a humidifier or placing a tray of water near the plant to increase humidity. You can also mist the plant regularly to provide additional moisture.


Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ requires well-draining soil to prevent water from accumulating around the roots. A mixture of potting soil and perlite or sand works well for this plant. Make sure to plant the bromeliad in a pot with drainage holes to prevent water from pooling in the soil.


Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ benefits from regular fertilization during the growing season. Use a balanced fertilizer every two to three weeks during the spring and summer months. However, make sure not to fertilize the plant during the winter months when it goes dormant.


Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ can be propagated through offsets, which are small plants that grow off the mother plant. To propagate the plant, wait until the offset is at least a third the size of the mother plant, then remove it from the main plant with a sharp, clean knife. Plant the offset in a pot with well-draining soil, and keep it moist until it establishes roots.


Pruning is not necessary for Aechmea ‘Del Mar’. However, it’s a good idea to remove any dead or dying leaves to keep the plant looking its best. To remove dead leaves, gently pull them away from the plant.

Pest and Disease Control

Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ is generally a healthy plant that’s resistant to pests and diseases. However, like all plants, it can be susceptible to issues such as spider mites, mealybugs, and scale insects. If you notice signs of pests, such as sticky residue on the leaves or white webbing, treat the plant with a mild insecticide.

In terms of diseases, the most common issue that can affect Aechmea ‘Del Mar’ is root rot, which occurs when the soil is too wet.

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10a, 10b, 11a, 12a, 12b

Sun Exposure

Partial Shade, Partial Sun

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1 in – 2 in


12 in – 15 in

27 reviews for Dwarf Blue Tango Bromeliad

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    The plant looked great and packaged well.

  2. Margaret Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

    My plant was delivered in a timely manner, healthy and packaged perfectly. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Plantvine and will be ordering from them again. It was a pleasurable experience and I particularly enjoyed receiving a photo of the plant after it was picked and ready to ship.

  3. Kim Wakefield (verified owner)

    Wow I was so impressed with both the plant and the careful packaging. My plant arrived healthy and gorgeous!!! I will definitely purchase from your company again.
    Thank you 😊

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy

  5. Kate Maun (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy plants!!

  6. Dr Anne (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant ☺

  7. Steele S. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous and healthy even though my mailman was rough with it

  8. Edward S. (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in MA from FL in perfect condition. It was very well packaged and looks incredibly healthy. It is a beautiful plant, very happy with purchase.

  9. Erica B. (verified owner)

    Very impressed! So beautiful, thank you!

  10. Victoria C. (verified owner)

    My second one — totally smitten with the wild flower

  11. Victoria C. (verified owner)

    I don’t normally love bromeliads but I loved this one so much, I ordered it twice — such an amazing flower. Sent safely, leaves intact!

  12. Dr Anne (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant. I will be back for more!

  13. Olivia M. (verified owner)

    The plant came in and was in great condition. I have had plants mailed in the past and they often get beat up in shipping but this plant shipped very well.

  14. Pat E. (verified owner)

    Received 2 gorgeous Blue Tango Bromeliads in bloom! They’re awesome! Couldn’t be happier. Many thanks Plantvine 😊

  15. Matt (verified owner)

    Received mine today. It was very well packaged and has a huge vibrant flower.

  16. Joe V. (verified owner)

    The plant arrived in great condition! The leaves were perfect and the stem in the middle was in tact. I love it. I get so many compliments on it because no one has ever seen it before. I highly recommend Plant Vine!

  17. DANA (verified owner)

    Such an amazing and beautiful plant!

  18. Donald Thoresen (verified owner)

  19. Breanna (verified owner)

    What size pot does this come in?

  20. Donna (verified owner)

  21. Courtney Narcy (verified owner)

    This plant is beautiful!!! I love it so much

  22. Jill C. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, healthy and so unique!

  23. Jonathan G. (verified owner)

  24. Kim W. (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning g!

  25. Carolyn A. (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant, bugger than expected Ted, wrapped and shipped to prevent plant damage. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase!

  26. James (verified owner)

  27. Daniel (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in good shape and boxed appropriately. A couple of base leaves have yellowed in the past 3 days I’ve had it, but that may be normal. I do wish there was specific information about the Blue Tango variety included with the plant. I’m still unsure as to whether to keep water in the tank and how moist or dry to let the soil become between watering. That would be helpful information.

  28. Laurie (verified owner)

    I was so surprised to receive such a beautiful plant. It was a mature plant and in bloom as well! So worth the price. I would never hesitate to order from PlantVine in the future. They greatly exceeded my expectations.

  29. loromea (verified owner)

    I received this approximately in late April early May and it was beautiful right out the box and it has stayed beautiful to this day, the end of October. The packaging was great it was easy to remove. no struggling to remove it. I thought I wrote a review when I received it but I guess it didn’t post. I did this now because everyday I go out see it on my back porch area and just now it is starting to lose some of its bloom. I have taken pictures of it currently wish I had done when I received it. It was worth it since I do so love Bromeliads.

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