Veitchia merrillii, Christmas Palm, Adonidia merrillii

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Recently Shipped Veitchia merrillii, Christmas Palm, Adonidia merrillii

Additional information


10a, 10b, 11a

Sun Exposure

Full Sun

Mature Height

15 ft – 20 ft


15 ft – 20 ft

21 reviews for Veitchia merrillii, Christmas Palm, Adonidia merrillii

  1. Christopher (verified owner)

    When I opened the box, it was everything I wanted. Perfect condition and beautiful. It shipped up north to Minnesota, and is now an indoor container houseplant. The indoor amusement park at the Mall of America has these Christmas Palms, and they thrive. 3 weeks later, mine is thriving too. I love the quality of the plant and the care taken in it’s packaging. I will buy from Plantvine again!

  2. Michael P. (verified owner)

    There nice but in pic they look bigger happy with palm trees and flower pots

  3. Jessica Crookham-Ball (verified owner)

  4. Nicholas Ramsett (verified owner)

  5. mike mislan (verified owner)

    wish it was bigger

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little dirty but seems healthy!

  7. Donna G. (verified owner)

    Received in excellent condition & definitely much larger than I anticipated. Very happy with the quality of this Christmas palm.

  8. May Inthathirath (verified owner)

    Great service. Both of my plants came in nice packaging. The tree is living well so far. thank you

  9. Sonja M. (verified owner)

    Packaged with great care, arrived in beautiful condition!!!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They shipped fast and plants are in great shape, great value will shop with them again!!

  11. Gordon (verified owner)

    The plant arrived sooner than I thought. It appears healthy and looks excellent.

  12. Laurie S. (verified owner)

    This palm is perfect and exactly like the picture.

  13. Rex Soper (verified owner)

    Received on Wednesday in good shape!

  14. Harry A. Landers (verified owner)

    Another beautiful Palm tree! Well worth the money. I will be ordering from them again.

  15. MICHAEL P MISLAN (verified owner)

    healthy wish it was bigger

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Plant arrived healthy, and is doing well. I would order again.

  17. Amanda

    Some pictures show several in the pot and others show one. How can I get just one in a pot?

  18. LYNNE (verified owner)

    My Christmas Palm arrived safe and seemingly quite happy. It’s been only a few days (4 maybe?) since arrival but it is still doing well. Excited to watch it evolve.

  19. Gilbert Zaragoza (verified owner)

    This plant seems to be healthy and in good condition. It arrived well packed and well cared for.

  20. Melinda (verified owner)

    Plants arrived in perfect condition!

  21. Ayesha S. (verified owner)

  22. Destiny Dannells

    Can this be on a covered outside porch during summer and brought in for winter ?

  23. John Romero (verified owner)

  24. Heather franco

    How big is the Xmas palm height wise in the large pot compared to xl pot

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Why others chose the Veitchia merrillii, Christmas Palm, Adonidia merrillii

I really like the Veitchia Merrillii palm and I am hoping it will do well.

🌴 Palm Trees Make Me Happy!! 🌴

Love their beautiful tropical look!

Because it’s exotic and different and I feel really stands out. I’m putting it near my front entrance inside the house 🏠

I purchased this tree for its unique frons and coloring.

Christmas Palm is a versatile palm that can be placed in outdoor landscape, patio, and indoors.