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Scientific Name: Adenium obesum

Common Names: Desert Rose, Sabi Plant, Impala Lily, Saharan Dogbane

Overview: The Desert Rose has a lovely, but misleading name. Not a member of the rose family at all, this plant is actually a deciduous succulent. Furthermore, its unusual trunk may cause some folks to call it a bonsai – again, it is not.In hot climates and sunny spots, the Desert Rose will grow throughout the year and will bloom twice. The first flowers come bursting forth in early spring and remain until mid-summer. You can expect a second blooming during autumn. This sturdy plant also grows well in areas with colder temperatures, though you’ll only see actual growth in warmer months. Its thick trunk allows it to hold water, making this plant perfect for its native arid and semi-arid areas. Of special interest to many gardeners is the welcome way the Desert Rose attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

  • Flower color may vary depending on availability



Also referred to as Adenium obesum and the Saharan Dogbane, desert rose comes from the widespread arid, warm, and tropical regions of the Arabian peninsula, east and northeast Africa, Madagascar, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. The plant thrives in sandy and rocky soils within woodlands, dry bushland, and wooded grasslands, preferring dry winters and frequent summer rains. 

The desert rose is not a rose; it is an evergreen shrub and a slow-growing stem succulent that grows to a size of fewer than 12 inches each year. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, depending on the climate. It is relatively easy to grow and requires little maintenance as it can tolerate extreme heat and drought. 

Caring for your Desert Rose 

While the desert rose plant is generally easy to care for, it does require careful sunlight and water management. The plant enjoys warm temperatures and blooms with vibrant-colored flowers and bright leaves during the summer months. When it becomes dormant during wintertime, its foliage and flowers drop. 


The desert rose thrives well in a sunny environment and plenty of hours of direct sun exposure. Pick a spot in the house where the plant can receive lots of sunlight throughout the day. If you are planting it outside, ensure it is not overshadowed by taller plants or the roof but has some form of protection against the high-noon sun, which can burn the leaves.


As the name suggests, the desert rose is naturally suited to dry, desert-like environments, which means well-draining gravelly or sandy cactus soil. The pH value of the soil needs to be acidic, ideally around 6.  


Depending on the season, the water needs of a desert rose will vary. The soil should be moist but not saturated during the growing season in late summer and early spring. Make sure the soil is completely dry before you can water it again. Choose a pot with many drainage holes to prevent root decay. During fall and winter, water the plant once every month. 

The desert rose contains an extensive root system that allows it to absorb large quantities of water quickly and store it in the stem. The stem has a waxy cuticle that stops water evaporation from the stem’s surface. There are fewer stomas through which the water can escape due to evaporation.  

Humidity and Temperature 

Maintain a warm environment for your desert rose plant at all times. The plant will quickly die if exposed to temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit for a long time. Maintain the temperature between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If planted outdoors, prevent your desert rose from frost and cold winds. 


You can add half-diluted liquid fertilizer once a month during the growing season to boost nutrients and potentially better flower growth. Avoid fertilizing the plant during wintertime when it is dormant. 

Common Issues 

Desert rose is comparatively a resilient plant, but its biggest issue is overwatering. It can also become susceptible to certain pests and diseases.


Mealybugs, scale, and spider mites sometimes attack desert roses by hiding underneath leaves and can eventually cause yellowing and drooping of foliage. The plant can eventually weaken and die. 

Spider mites are perhaps the most common pest to attack this plant by sucking the sap. Shake the diseased foliage over a white cloth and notice any black dots (spider mites resemble black dots). Use insecticidal soap or rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to kill these pests. Be sure to apply it to the leaf’s underside and the lower surface of the plant. 


Desert roses are sometimes prone to leaf and stem rot, which can result from fungus and excess moisture. Ensure that the leaves of the plant are never wet for a prolonged period. You can also use neem oil once in a while to prevent bacterial or fungal growth.  


Before pruning your plant, clean the pruning shears to prevent spreading of any disease. Remove any damaged or diseased parts as soon as you notice new growth. Cut off lanky stems to ensure symmetrical growth, and weed out branches that tangle with or rub against other branches. Cut right above the leaf node or the part where the stem joins another stem. 


A desert rose plant can be grown from seeds and branch cuttings. If you choose to use a branch cutting, your next plant may lack a bulging trunk that you would otherwise get by propagating with seeds. 


When the desert rose plant’s roots fill the container, it is time to repot it. This can be done once a year or every few years. If you want to prevent your plant from getting too big, keep it in the current container, as doing so will slow down its growth. The ideal time for repotting is early spring or late winter, preferably as soon as you notice new growth. Ensure the soil is completely dry, then gently remove the plant from the pot.


19 reviews for Desert Rose

  1. Uttara B. (verified owner)

    It does not look very healthy…hoping it will survive!

  2. Gail S. (verified owner)

    Is a great plant. I had one in the past that bloomed annually so I have high hopes for this one. However, one branch was damaged in shipping.

  3. Tracy Southerland (verified owner)

  4. Michelle (verified owner)

    Arrived in wonderful condition, yet to blossom.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Paula G. (verified owner)

  7. Laura L. (verified owner)

    My Desert Rose arrived securely packaged and in great condition! It looks healthy and I am very happy with the size. I definitely recommend PlantVine!
    Thanks so much!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Looks great but smaller than I thought it would be for medium.

  9. Roland (verified owner)

  10. Shannon Murphy (verified owner)

    So my boyfriend had a desert rose and while weedeating I almost fell and whacked it’s top off🫣. I immediately went to the internet for help and thankfully, found plantvine . The new desert rose arrived very timely and is doing wonderfully. I was told to expect it to possibly be peaked due to shipping but it was beautiful on arrival ( we live in Georgia). Many thanks for a wonderful plant!

  11. michael mislan (verified owner)

    nice healthy plant just wish it was a little bigger

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The plant arrived as promised and I followed the directions for not replanting right away. The plant is almost ready to repot.

  13. TINGTING (verified owner)

  14. Donna Baier (verified owner)

    Thank you, it arrived in good condition and I have it in full sun, waiting to repot and water.

  15. Karen (verified owner)

    How much water does it need. Mine arrived looking great and I’ve noticed growth on each leaf but what appeared to be new buds dried up & fell off. Am I under watering or overwatering? I have it near a window so it’s bright light without direct sun. Just looking for suggestions on caring for my new plant

  16. BW (verified owner)

    Beautiful specimen. Eager to see it develop.

  17. Jamie

    Love this plant. Very healthy

  18. Emmanuel (verified owner)

    Great size and arrived in good shape

  19. Venus San Diego (verified owner)

    Hi, I would like to thank everyone involved for picking out a very nice plant for me!! Just a small glitch with packaging, the box was a little short so the tallest branch is bent, not broken. Overall, I’m very happy that it’s healthy. My plant is definitely worth the price!!

  20. Ramya Yadlapati (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in very good condition.

  21. Brenda

    Do you have pictures of your plants that you are selling. Desert rose xlarge white and pink ones?

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Last one I bought died, trying again

I bought this plant last year, while away temperatures dropped below 30 and it had a lot of damaged, my play was beautiful, I’m still working on being her back to life. My first experience was great I’m looking forward to get my new Desert Rose.

This plant looks unique and I love that it blooms twice a year!

Have two plants myself. One is 20 years old. Easiest plant to keep. Sending one as a gift.

As a child living in the Phillippines, I watered this plant and admired its beautiful flowers! Brings back happy memories during this pandemic while bracing for cold Chicago weather!!

Had one before, could never find one until Plantvine

Bonsai candidate