Desert Rose, Adenium obesum

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Recently Shipped Desert Rose, Adenium obesum



The Desert Rose has a lovely, but misleading name. Not a member of the rose family at all, this plant is actually a deciduous succulent. Furthermore, its unusual trunk may cause some folks to call it a bonsai – again, it is not.

Available in five different varieties, the Desert Rose can be found in a range of colors from red and purple to yellow and white. It can even have variegated coloration. The more adventurous gardener may wish to try grafting cuttings of a plant in one color with those of another to create truly unique bunches.

In hot climates and sunny spots, the Desert Rose will grow throughout the year and will bloom twice. The first flowers come bursting forth in early spring and remain until mid-summer. You can expect a second blooming during autumn. This sturdy plant also grows well in areas with colder temperatures, though you’ll only see actual growth in warmer months. Its thick trunk allows it to hold water, making this plant perfect for its native arid and semi-arid areas. Of special interest to many gardeners is the welcome way the Desert Rose attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

10 reviews for Desert Rose, Adenium obesum

  1. Shannon Murphy (verified owner)

    So my boyfriend had a desert rose and while weedeating I almost fell and whacked it’s top off🫣. I immediately went to the internet for help and thankfully, found plantvine . The new desert rose arrived very timely and is doing wonderfully. I was told to expect it to possibly be peaked due to shipping but it was beautiful on arrival ( we live in Georgia). Many thanks for a wonderful plant!

  2. michael mislan (verified owner)

    nice healthy plant just wish it was a little bigger

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The plant arrived as promised and I followed the directions for not replanting right away. The plant is almost ready to repot.

  4. TINGTING (verified owner)

  5. Donna Baier (verified owner)

    Thank you, it arrived in good condition and I have it in full sun, waiting to repot and water.

  6. Karen (verified owner)

    How much water does it need. Mine arrived looking great and I’ve noticed growth on each leaf but what appeared to be new buds dried up & fell off. Am I under watering or overwatering? I have it near a window so it’s bright light without direct sun. Just looking for suggestions on caring for my new plant

  7. BW (verified owner)

    Beautiful specimen. Eager to see it develop.

  8. Jamie

    Love this plant. Very healthy

  9. Emmanuel (verified owner)

    Great size and arrived in good shape

  10. Venus San Diego (verified owner)

    Hi, I would like to thank everyone involved for picking out a very nice plant for me!! Just a small glitch with packaging, the box was a little short so the tallest branch is bent, not broken. Overall, I’m very happy that it’s healthy. My plant is definitely worth the price!!

  11. Ramya Yadlapati (verified owner)

    Plant arrived in very good condition.

  12. Brenda

    Do you have pictures of your plants that you are selling. Desert rose xlarge white and pink ones?

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Why others chose the Desert Rose, Adenium obesum

Last one I bought died, trying again

I bought this plant last year, while away temperatures dropped below 30 and it had a lot of damaged, my play was beautiful, I’m still working on being her back to life. My first experience was great I’m looking forward to get my new Desert Rose.

This plant looks unique and I love that it blooms twice a year!

Have two plants myself. One is 20 years old. Easiest plant to keep. Sending one as a gift.

As a child living in the Phillippines, I watered this plant and admired its beautiful flowers! Brings back happy memories during this pandemic while bracing for cold Chicago weather!!

Had one before, could never find one until Plantvine

Bonsai candidate