You asked for more rare plants, & we listened! PlantVine has teamed up small with Plantics to bring you an exclusive collection of RARE Monstera Albo cuttings + more! Free Shipping on all items by Plantics included.

Hi, I’m Carly!

I’m a doctor in training working through my 3rd year in medical school while balancing being a small business owner. My family and Allie, my manager, make the Plantics magic happen in the greenhouse and fulfillment center. My love for plants has grown into an exciting business we all love operating together as a team.

As a broke medical student, my plant interest consisted of a lot of propagations as buying full plants gets pretty pricey. I quickly learned to love the process! Watching cuttings root and grow to eventually pot in soil is an interesting experience in itself making it all worth the wait. We specialize in cuttings of rare plants all propagated hydroponically. Some unrooted and some rooted so that regardless of your expertise you can get the plant you desire without the price tag of a fully established plant.

Darryl, AKA my ‘Fairy Plant Mother’ has encouraged me every step of the way and decided it was time for a Plantics X PlantVine collaboration! From monstera albo, aurea, obliqua and beyond we hope to bring you all access to some gorgeous cuttings to treat yourself or to gift to your favorite plant lover! Follow us on instagram and tag us in photos of your cutting for a chance at a feature on our page

Rare Cuttings for the Collector

Watch your rare cuttings by Plantics grow into the ultra rare dream plant you have always wanted! Enjoy complimentary shipping on all items by Plantics. No coupon code needed.

Caring & Growing Your Cuttings

Click each drop down button below for how to grow & care for your cuttings. If you have any issues, please contact us here.

Step 1: Propogation

After arrival place cutting in a couple inches of water. Be sure the node is covered and you will want to change the water every few days. Bonus: Add a grow light to help encourage your baby to grow strong & healthy!

Step 2: Humidity

Creating and simulating the right growing conditions for these babies are key. So increasing the humidity in your home is a must by either adding a simple humidifier or misting your cuttings/plants daily. It is important to simulate a tropical condition as best as you can by giving them warmth and humidity between 70-80% in your home or greenhouse!

Pro Tip: Grow lights can help not only simulate additional light but can also help add warmth to your plants as well.

*Please note that the white parts of leaves are especially prone to crisping up with low humidity. You will also want to keep your cuttings away from radiators or where airflow can directly hit your babies.

Step 3: Potting

Finally, its time to repot, the moment you have been waiting for! As you see a few inches of roots it’s time to pot! We recommend a mix of 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 perlite, and 1/3 orchid bark. It is also important to pot your baby into a pot with a drainage hole to help prevent overwatering.

Step 4: Caring for Your Potted Plant - Watering

Now that you have a potted plant, its important to make sure that you do not over or underwater your new baby. We always recommend using a simple moisture meter to help with watering. PlantVine offers a moisture meter of their own, that is available for purchase by clicking here. You will want to make sure that your aroid’s soil dries out between waterings at least in the top few inches of the soil. We recommend bottom-watering to ensure roots are taking what they need but will not be over watered.

*Remember to still top water sometimes to rinse minerals through the soil column.

Step 5: Caring for Your Potted Plant - Light

It is important to provide your newly potted plant with bright indirect light in your home. If possible you can always supplement with grow lights if needed. We definitely suggest you keep a grow light on hand for those darker winter months. Make sure to not place your potted plant too close to a warm radiator or close to a cold winter during the winter months as this can lead to leaf burn.

Pro Tip: Get a grow light that can be screwed and unscrewed from a traditional lamp to not ruin your homes aesthetic.

Troubleshooting Rot

Use a thin, sharp, alcohol-sanitized knife to cut of the rot. Seeing black or dark pigmentation does not always mean rot so feel for mush! Be sure the knife is sharp as to avoid squashing those delicate plant cells.

Indirect light or grow lights!

New Propagation Stations!

Handmade propagation stations made from quality pine selected for the grain and knots to make each product unique. Enjoy watching your plant babies grow!

*Complimentary shipping available on all items by Plantics only. Cuttings shipped by Plantics are not covered under PlantVine’s 30 Day Guarantee.