Extreme Heat Shipping Advisory

Due to extreme heat conditions across our delivery areas, some plants may be placed on a temporary shipping hold.

The following states cannot be shipped with ground shipping and will automatically switch to 3-day shipping once you enter your shipping address during checkout: CA, AZ, NV, UT, OR, ID, WY, ND, MT, WA, SD, NM, IA, NE. Items with 3-day shipping applied may be subject to additional fees.

Many species of plants that we sell can be vulnerable to these extreme conditions, which includes prolonged temperatures of 95 degrees and above, humidity beyond tolerable levels, or extreme fluctuations in temperature. These conditions can affect the health of a plant and can be encountered during any point in the shipping process.

If these conditions will be present at any point in the order fulfillment process, the shipping of your plant may be delayed until those conditions will no longer be potentially harmful to your live plants.

Click here to see our full inclement weather policy.

Orders with 2-day shipping can safely ship during extreme weather. Select 2-day shipping during checkout to get your order sooner.

Click here to see our selection of plants that are available with 2-day shipping.

We appreciate your understanding. We just want the best for our customers and your new plants.

If you have any questions regarding your order, including alternate shipping options, please contact us here.