Darryl’s Discoveries

Darryl’s Discoveries

These Specimens are Limited-Time/Limited Quantity

Welcome to my collection of unique plants from the remote corners of our nurseries. I regularly stumble upon some amazing finds – specimens you’ve probably not seen before, and won’t find anywhere else. I’m excited to share my discoveries.

Don’t take too long to decide which you want – these beauties go quickly, and they are first-come first-served. We’re constantly adding new plants, so check back each week to see what’s new.

Philodendron 'Giganteum'

Well needless to say, this specimen definitely lives up to its name! This popular houseplant gets its name from the gigantic size of its shiny leaves which can get up to 5ft long and 3ft across in nature! When used as a houseplant the leaves don’t get nearly as large but still large enough to create a lush tropical vibe. They do well in bright, indirect light and are somewhat drought tolerant. This one had just the right conditions in the nursery to grow out to its full potential. You can find small starter plants online, but you’ll probably never get them to grow this size indoors. Grab this if you’re like me and want instant gratification.
Qty Available: 1
Size: 4’ tall x 4’ wide


Anthurium 'Quilted Hearts'

Highly textured heart-shaped leaves give this rare, unique anthurium its name, Quilted Hearts. New leaves emerge reddish-pink and gradually change to a rich dark green color. The flowers (inflorescences) contrast nicely with the dark green color and emerge from the base of the plant. But the dramatic leaves are the star attraction of the plant. They are thick, deep veined and very glossy. This is a quite rare, easy to care for houseplant which adds a touch of exotic flair to your space.
Qty Available: 4
Size: 24” tall x 30” wide in 9” pots


Philodendron 'Black Gold'

Botanical Name: Philodendron melanochrysum
This rare vining philodendron is a popular houseplant because of its beautiful, velvety foliage. It is a climbing philodendron which leaves get bigger the higher it climbs, up to 2 feet long! The soft-textured leaves are dark green with nicely contrasting creamy yellow veins. It is a South American native which does well in warm spots with medium light. New leaves emerge in beautiful shades of bronze. These plants are fully covering 30” totems and are close to 3ft tall.
Qty Available: 4
Size: 36” tall in 10” pot


Philodendron 'Paraiso Verde'

Philodendron Paraiso Verde is a very rare, fast growing plant with large, highly variegated leaves. Interestingly, this goes contrary to the English translation of its name, “Green Paradise”. It is a climbing variety with amazingly marbled, long leaves which does best on a totem or some sort of support. Like a lot of climbing philodendrons, the leaves get larger the higher it climbs. The highly lobed foliage looks good in pictures but even more striking in person. These are some very tall, mature plants which are ready to be moved onto a bigger totem.
Qty Available: 5
Size: About 4ft tall x 2ft wide in 10” pots


Alocasia 'Sarian'

Although this striking variety of elephant ear plants is not considered too rare, it is still a sought-after alocasia because of its cool stems and leaves. The arrow-shaped leaves are dark green with whitish, highly-defined veins. The stems are beautifully spotted with dots of purple, which comes from one of the Alocasias it was hybridized from. They can grow up to 10 feet in ideal conditions but typically get to around 5 feet indoors. I’d recommend keeping it in a bright spot where the plant will have the tendency to grow a bit more compact and not as stretched out.
We have a batch of really big Alocasia Sarians which have way overgrown their medium 6” pots and need to go into Large or Extra Large pots. I figured I’ll blow some of them out at a highly discounted price and move the rest up to a larger pot, after which they’ll cost much more.
Qty Available: 20
Size: 3.5ft tall in 10” pots


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Past Discoveries

Calathea rufibarba

I found four overgrown Calathea Rufibarbas! These are called Velvet Calatheas or Furry Feather Calatheas because of the tiny hairs that cover its waxy leaves and stems which give the plant a soft, velvety feel. Calathea rufibarba is a tall Calathea variety with red stems and deep blue-green, elongated leaves with a dark purple underside. They had been forgotten and left to fend on their own, but they strived! I rescued them knowing someone out there would love to get their hands on one of these massive babies that are about 3 feet tall!! You just can’t find them at this size to buy. I’ve only got four of these, so if you don’t want to wait for one to grow, grab one.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 3ft tall x 3ft in 10” pots


Philodendron gloriosum

Unlike many other philodendrons, the Gloriosum is more terrestrial and wants to crawls along the ground rather than climb. The gorgeous heart shaped leaves are velvety green with striking white veins. Flashes of pink will occasionally show on the margins, veins and new growth. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also a low maintenance plant which is easy to maintain- just place in a spot with about 70% shade and keep the soil moist, but not drenched. The Philodendron Gloriosum is arguably one of the most striking philodendrons which adds dramatic tropical flair to any space. These particular specimens are huge with many stems which could be divided into numerous plants.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 3’ tall x 3’ wide


Philodendron 'White Wizard'

Introducing the Philodendron White Wizard, the Gandalf of the plant world! This magical botanical creature is not here to cast spells or fight dark forces, but it will definitely enchant you with its stunning appearance. The Philodendron White Wizard is a mesmerizing plant that captivates with its enchanting beauty. With its lush, heart-shaped leaves adorned in shades of creamy white, it exudes an air of elegance and charm.

This cultivar, a variant of Philodendron erubescens, doesn't require any potions or mystical rituals to thrive. All it needs is some bright, indirect light amd occasional waterings as it’s sensitive to overwatering. Its striking foliage adds a touch of sophistication to any space, making it a favorite among plant enthusiasts and interior decorators alike. I have three very big plants grown on totems. You can keep them as impressive specimens or cut them for propagation.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: About 30” tall totems in 10” pots


Philodendron 'Bob Cee'

This rare hybrid by the late legendary Bob Cee is a stunning plant known for its distinctive foliage and compact growth habit. The large pinnate leaves are very long, glossy and highly segmented. They feature a beautiful blend of green and yellow tones, making it an eye-catching addition to any indoor space. Bob Cee is a relatively low-maintenance plant, thriving in moderate to bright indirect light and requiring infrequent watering. This philodendron variety is highly sought after by plant enthusiasts due to its unique shape, striking appearance and ease of care.

One of my Bob Cee plants even has a Philodendron Mayori growing in the pot – whomever orders first gets that one!

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: About 40” tall x 36” wide in 10” pot


Philodendron 'Silver Sword'

Botannical Name: Philodendron hastatum
Philodendron Hastatum is an attractive vining plant with bluish-silver lance-like leaves. The foliage on young Silver Sword Philodendrons, as it is commonly called, have a more intense silver hue and sword shape than the mature ones. As the plant matures they become more arrow-head shaped and turn a greener color.

Silver Sword Philodendrons are fast growing Aroids. It’s a climbing philodendron which grows faster and develops larger leaves if it has something to climb onto such as a totem pole. This is an extra large extremely overgrown specimen with huge leaves.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 48” tall x 36” wide in a 14” Pot


Chinese Money Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea Peperomioides

Called Chinese Money Plant because of its coin-shaped leaves, this popular houseplant also has many other names including coin plant, pancake plant and ufo plant. Native to the remote Himalayan regions of China, it has now grown world-wide and is one of the most popular indoor plants.

This cute, quirky plant loves to grow and put out lots of little babies.

I have 3 of these which have become way overgrown. Normally we’d split these to make tons of new plants, but I figured one of you would love to have a big beautiful money plant in their house.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 24” wide in 10” pots


Ficus triangularis 'Variegata'

Ficus Triangularis Variegata looks like a mini Variegated Ficus lyrata. This cute little South African plant is a stunner! Although its leaves are only a max of about 2 inches long, they really stand out because of their bright white and cream variegation. The best thing about them? They’re low maintenance, easy to grow and compact. This plant will love it in any bright spot in your house, patio or garden. My vigilant coworker, Luis, was lucky to find a few of these huge trees at one of our growers! Although this plant has become more commonly available nowadays, it’s difficult to find them as large as this.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 4.5ft tall x 3.5ft in 14” pots


Monstera pinnatipartita

This rare plant originates from the rain forests of South America and, like the regular swiss cheese monstera, strives best with good humidity and indirect light.

The leaves of this tight climber change dramatically, giving the mature plant a completely different look from juveniles. Young plant have solid leaves which split and become more fenestrated as the plant develops. Whereas the monstera deliciosa has holes in the leaves, the splits on these leaves extend all the way from the edge to the midrib. Grown indoors, a juvenile plant would probably never get leaves this large.

This is one of the most interesting looking houseplants in my opinion with its pinnate shape and cool roots. It’s an extremely large specimen which already has the mature leaf structure. Considering how SLOW this plant grows, this can save you years waiting for a baby plant to grow.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 4.5ft tall x 4ft wide in 14” pot


Philodendron Renauxii

This Brazilian beauty is a lesser known philodendron, but sought after by Aroid and rare plant collectors. It’s a terrestrial philodendron, meaning it’s not a climber, but rather a slow grower which crawls along the ground. The thick paddle-shaped leaves have a light contrasting mid-rib which downs the leaf to the thick supporting petiole. Mature plants can leaves that are 2ft long. I’ve had this one sitting in the back of the nursery for a couple years with the intention of keeping her as a mother plant, and she’s grown into a monster. If you’re looking for something unique and extremely rare, this is it.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: About 4.5ft tall x 4ft wide in 14” pot


Anthurium 'Thai Ruby'

This EXTREMELY rare variegated anthurium hybrid from Thailand is absolutely stunning. The wide leaves of these plants can come in varying degrees of greens, whites and even reds. This particular specimen is spectacular with more variegation than I usually see, plus it’s got lots of white and cream. When you find these plants for sale they’re usually baby plants – this is a large, mature plant which will impress any rare plant collector.

Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: About 2ft tall x 30” wide in 10” pot


Giant Swiss Cheese Vine Totem

Botanical Name: Monstera Adansonii
Like pothos vines, the leaves of adansonii’s get larger the higher they climb. These plants were rooted using cuttings from the top of mature plants, where the leaves were already huge. The Swiss Cheese Plant is instantly recognizable with its uniquely shaped leaves featuring multiple oval holes. Botanists theorize the holes allow sun and water to reach the lower leaves, and enable the plant to stand up to strong winds. They love to climb when supported by a trellis or a pole. These specimens are amazing because you normally find Adansonii’s as younger plants with small leaves. Scroll the pictures to check out the size of the leaves!!
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 3.5’ tall x 3.5’ wide in 8” pot


Philodendron Mexicanum

This tri-lobed, strap leaf philodendron is a climber which grows fast. Its natural habitats are the rainforests of Mexico down to upper South America. The leaves have a distinctive deeply lobed shape and can get quite large, often up to 2 feet long, often resembling dog ears. This unusual and rare plant is a true collector’s item. I have one ginormous specimen which is almost 4ft wide!
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 4.5ft tall x 4ft wide in 14” pot


Variegated Crinum Lily

Botanical Name: Crinum Asiaticum Variegata
Crinum Asiaticum, or Crinum Lily, are large flowering plants with very fragrant white flowers which grow directly from the base. The variegated version is also called “Striped Bengal Lily”. Variegated crinum lilies are very hard to find and even more striking than the green with long, white streaks running the length of the leaves. It is relatively fast growing when grown outdoors and does best in bright shade indoors.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 8” Pots


Amydrium Zippelianum (Trellis)

Amydrium zippelianum is a gorgeous aroid with dark green leaves resembling a palm leaves. It is an herbaceous climbing evergreen species with leaves which get up to 18” long! The leaves, like many climbing tropicals, get larger as the plant climbs. This species is native to Maluku Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Amydrium is a rare plant which is easy to grow and adds an attractive exotic vibe to any space.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 3ft trellis in 10” pots


Variegated Elephant Ear

Botanical Name: Alocasia Odorata Variegata
This rare elephant ear looks like a painting with splashes of white, cream and shades of green. The leaves can grow to about two feet long and are held on sturdy stems, which are also variegated. Each leaf is uniquely variegated with some coming out in a half moon or fully variegated pattern. Because these alocasias require less light than their green counterpart, they can be placed in shadier areas, but make sure they get sufficient indirect light. The inflorescence has a lovely sweet fragrance at night and early morning.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: Over 2ft tall x 1.5ft wide in 8” pots


Calathea setosa 'Grey Star'

Botanical Name: Calathea setosa 'Grey Star'
You’ll get a kick out of this one! Of all the Calatheas out there, this is my favorite. Why? Because in my opinion the Setosa is probably the easiest to care for of all Prayer plants. Calatheas are notorious for being fussy and easy to kill, but the Setosa is actually easy to grow. Just give it ample light and water.
Not only are they easy to grow, but they’re gorgeous. The silver-green leaves have dark green veins and burgundy undersides. This upright variety develops long, burgundy stems and can get about 5ft tall, which are about the size of these monstrous specimens!
Qty Available:SOLD OUT
Size: About 4.5ft in 10” pots


Ficus Altissima Tree

Botanical Name: Ficus Elastica ‘Altissima’
I have 5 of these incredible ficus altissima trees at an AMAZING price. They stands at about 5ft tall and almost 4ft wide. The Ficus Altissima, or Asian Council Tree, is an eye-catching tree with lemon-lime variegation. This beautiful tree is easy to keep as a containerized plant indoor, in the patio or in a tropical garden. The crisp variegation and pale veins of this ficus is creates a lively and bright atmosphere. These particular Altissimas are interesting because some of the leaves look more like Ficus Aurea but new leaves come out with gold variegation.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: Over 5+ft tall x 3.5ft wide in a 14” pots


Pink Princess Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron erubescens 'Pink Princess'
The Philodendron Pink Princess is like the haute couture of houseplants - it's trendy, eye-catching, and a bit of a diva. With its striking pink and green leaves, it's sure to steal the show in any room. But don't be fooled by its glamorous appearance - this plant is as tough as nails and can handle whatever life throws its way. It's the perfect plant for anyone who wants to add a touch of style to their space without sacrificing substance. Plus, with a name like Pink Princess, who wouldn't want this regal plant ruling over their home? Don’t settle for little cuttings, get one of these 3ft totems for instant gratification.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 38” tall totems in 8” Pots


Philodendron McDowell

Botanical Name: Philodendron gloriosum x pastazanum ‘McDowell’

The beautifully textured dark green leaves with creamy white veins are the highlight of this Philodendron. This batch of McDowells have amazing pinkish-white veins on the new leaves. Also known as the Philodendron McDowellii (or McDowell), it’s thought to be a hybrid between the Philodendron Gloriosum and another unknown variety. Whereas the Gloriosum has a velvety surface, the McDowell is smooth and shiny. It has a vigorous growth habit and will get to over 3 feet high. I have 12 stunning, very large specimens available. They’re in 8” pots and stand about 3 ft tall.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: 3’ tall x 3.5’ wide in 8” pot


Purple Variegated Bird's Nest Anthurium

Botanical Name: Anthurium Hookeri Purple Variegated

Yes, that’s right. A purple bird’s nest anthurium is rare enough, but a purple variegated? Well good luck finding another. I believe Bird’s nest anthuriums are one of the more under-rated houseplants. I love bird’s nest anthuriums. Why? They’re low maintenance, tolerant of neglect, requires little water, and high impact. Anthurium Hookeri is a magnificent tropical plant with large, lush leaves. They’re considered epiphytic, sometimes growing in trees and logs. You can use this inside, on your patio or in your garden if you live in warmer climates.
Qty Available: SOLD OUT
Size: Over 2ft tall x 3ft wide in a 14” pot


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