Darryl’s Discoveries

Darryl’s Discoveries

These Specimens are Limited-Time/Limited Quantity

Welcome to my collection of unique plants from the remote corners of our nurseries. I regularly stumble upon some amazing finds – specimens you’ve probably not seen before, and won’t find anywhere else. I’m excited to share my discoveries.

Don’t take too long to decide which you want – these beauties go quickly, and they are first-come first-served. We’re constantly adding new plants, so check back each week to see what’s new.

Philodendron ``Bob Cee``

This rare hybrid by the late legendary Bob Cee is a stunning plant known for its distinctive foliage and compact growth habit. The large pinnate leaves are very long, glossy and highly segmented. They feature a beautiful blend of green and yellow tones, making it an eye-catching addition to any indoor space. Bob Cee is a relatively low-maintenance plant, thriving in moderate to bright indirect light and requiring infrequent watering. This philodendron variety is highly sought after by plant enthusiasts due to its unique shape, striking appearance and ease of care.


Syngonium auritum

Introducing the Syngonium auritum, or as we affectionately call it, the ``Earleaf Arrowhead Vine``! This charming plant is like the cool, laid-back friend in your botanical squad, effortlessly bringing a touch of greenery and style to any space.

Picture this: lush, arrowhead-shaped leaves with a subtle hint of ear-like lobes at the base, hence the fitting name ``auritum`` which means ``having ears`` in Latin. These leaves are a delightful shade of green, with each one showcasing unique patterns of veining that add to its allure. It's like Mother Nature herself took out her paintbrush and went to town!


Variegated Crinum Lily

Crinum Asiaticum, or Crinum Lily, are large flowering plants with very fragrant white flowers which grow directly from the base. The variegated version is also called “Striped Bengal Lily”. Variegated crinum lilies are very hard to find and even more striking than the green with long, white streaks running the length of the leaves.


Oversized Whale Fin

Nicknamed the Whale Fin, the Sansevieria Masoniana features uniquely shaped paddle-like leaves. Though slow growing, the Whale Fin can reach a truly impressive size compared to other members of the genus. This rare form of the popular Whale Fin Sansevieria is defined by yellow stripes of varying thicknesses and intensities. These are part of my Discoveries because of the sheer size of their leaves.


Mystery Anthurium

Step right up, plant enthusiasts, and behold the enigmatic marvel that is the Mystery Anthurium! Nestled among the verdant wonders of our botanical collection, this elusive specimen is the crown jewel of intrigue. Picture this: glossy, heart-shaped leaves with a hint of mystery veining through each delicate edge.

Now, let's talk origins. Where does this bewitching beauty come from? Well, that's the million-dollar question! Our team of botanical detectives has scoured the globe, but the Mystery Anthurium remains shrouded in secrecy. Some say it hails from the depths of a hidden rainforest, while others whisper tales of it being a cosmic creation from another world. Whatever its origin, one thing's for sure: this plant is as rare as a four-leaf clover on a unicorn's back!


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Past Discoveries

Anthurium podophyllum

Meet Anthurium podophyllum, the plant that’s here to steal the show and your heart! With its glossy, heart-shaped leaves and a knack for drama, this Anthurium is the diva of the plant world. Originating from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, it’s like bringing a slice of the Amazon jungle right into your living room, minus the mosquitos!

Commonly known as the “Pigtail Anthurium” due to its uniquely curled leaf tips resembling cute little pigtails, this plant is a head-turner. Picture it flaunting its vibrant green leaves like a runway model strutting its stuff—simply irresistible!


Pinstripe Calathea

Pinstripe Calathea, the plant that's here to add a touch of pizzazz to your plant collection! With its striking leaves resembling the finest pinstripe suit straight out of a fancy tailor's shop, this Calathea is ready to strut its stuff and steal the spotlight in your home.

Hailing from the lush jungles of Brazil, this plant is like the James Bond of the botanical world—sophisticated, mysterious, and always dressed to impress. Its dark green leaves are adorned with delicate white stripes, creating a mesmerizing pattern that's sure to turn heads and make your other plants jealous.


Philodendron joepii

Say hello to the Philodendron joeppi, the plant that's about to become the star of your indoor jungle! With its glossy, heart-shaped leaves and a personality as vibrant as a disco ball, this Philodendron is here to bring the party to your plant collection.

Originating from the tropical forests of South America, the Philodendron joeppi is like the life of the plant party—always ready to mingle and make a statement. Its lush green leaves are like little works of art, adding a touch of elegance and charm to any room they grace.


Philodendron goeldii

Let me introduce you to the Philodendron goeldii, the plant that's about to become the VIP of your plant squad! With leaves as dark and mysterious as a midnight rendezvous and a charm that could make even the most stoic gardener swoon, this Philodendron is here to turn your home into a botanical wonderland.

Straight from the depths of the Brazilian rainforest, the Philodendron goeldii is like the Indiana Jones of the plant world—adventurous, exotic, and always ready for a jungle expedition. Its velvety, almost-black leaves are like a velvet rope, inviting only the most discerning plant lovers into its inner circle.


Pink Princess Philodendron

Finally we have the Philodendron Pink Princess, the diva of the plant world! With its dramatic pink variegation splashed across lush green leaves like a watercolor masterpiece, this Philodendron is here to add a pop of color and a whole lot of personality to your plant collection.

Straight from the jungles of South America, the Philodendron Pink Princess is like the Beyoncé of houseplants—bold, beautiful, and impossible to ignore.These specimens have overgrown their containers and could be considered b-grade because their variegation hasn't fully developed but that means you can get a super deal on them right now.


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