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National Mental Health Awareness Month: Houseplants for a Healthy Mind

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, many houseplants possess unique properties that can positively impact mental health, providing a soothing sanctuary amidst the chaos of daily life.

Texas Plants
A World of Plants: Texas

Texan houseplants offer not only aesthetic beauty but also a connection to the rich botanical heritage of the region.

Citrus Tree Care Guide

Growing citrus in pots or containers is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that allows you to enjoy fresh fruits right at your doorstep.

Growing Mobile: Plant Care Tips for Life on the Road

With a little extra planning to make the right plant choices, you can keep your RV / van filled with greenery and enjoy the companionship of your plant friends on the open road

Natural Ways to Improve your Indoor Plant’s Soil Quality

While off-the-shelf potting mixes offer a solid foundation, augmenting them with natural ingredients can exponentially enhance their efficacy.

Colombian Plants
A World of Plants: Colombia

Incorporating native Colombian plants into your indoor garden not only adds a touch of exotic beauty but also celebrates the rich biodiversity of this remarkable country. Whether you prefer lush foliage or vibrant blooms, there's a native Colombian plant to suit every taste and style.

repotting fiddle leaf fig
Potting 101: A Complete Guide to Re-Potting

Over time, soil depletes of nutrients, and roots may become pot-bound, restricting growth and affecting the plant's health.

Shiny Brasil Leaves
The Secret to Shiny, Clean, and Healthy Indoor Houseplant Leaves

Keeping your indoor houseplants' leaves shiny, clean, and healthy not only enhances their beauty but also promotes their overall well-being.

Chinese New Year
Celebrating Chinese New Year with Traditional Indoor Houseplants

One of the beautiful aspects of this celebration is the incorporation of indoor houseplants, which are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and positive energy into the home.

V-Day Anthuriums
An Alternative to Roses: Plants that make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

Moving beyond the traditional bouquet of roses, this guide will introduce you to a selection of unique and meaningful plants that can make this Valentine’s Day truly special for your loved one.

Australian Plants
A World of Plants: Australia

In traditional Australian culture, plants and trees are much more than physical entities; they are integral to the spiritual, cultural, and practical lives of Aboriginal Australians.

Living Room
New Year, New Plants: The Trendiest Plants for 2024

Whether you are a seasoned plant collector or a beginner, these trendy houseplants of 2024 are sure to inspire and delight.

Plants of Madagascar
A World of Plants: Madagascar

Madagascar's flora is not just a display of nature's creativity but also a testament to the resilience and adaptability of life.

Creating a Welcoming and Productive Work Environment with Plants

Incorporating plants into a work setting is a growing trend that has garnered significant attention due to its myriad benefits for both individuals and businesses.

Florida Road
A World of Plants: Florida

Florida's landscape is as diverse as its culture, replete with a range of ecosystems that host an array of plant life, from the tropical splendor of the Keys to the rolling dunes of the Panhandle.

The Science of Soil: Creating an Environment for Growth

Thriving indoor plants begin with the right foundation—proper potting soil. Not all plants crave the same soil environment; thus, understanding the soil ingredients and their roles is crucial.

Celebrate Halloween with these Spooky Houseplants

Halloween is synonymous with tales of the mysterious, the eerie, and the unknown. And what could be more enigmatic than a garden populated by plants with names like Devil’s Trumpet and Zombie Palm?

A World of Plants: Puerto Rico

The unique relationship Puerto Ricans have with their native plants goes beyond mere aesthetics or ecological conservation—it is an integral aspect of their identity.

Plant Pricing
The Economics of Greenery: Factors Affecting the Pricing of Houseplants

The pricing of houseplants in the U.S. is influenced by a combination of factors including rarity, age, size, supply and demand, seasonality, quality, sourcing, overhead costs, branding, and additional features.

A World of Plants: The Caribbean

In essence, plants are tightly woven into the fabric of Caribbean history and culture, a testament to the islands' innate ability to live in harmony with nature, celebrating its gifts at every turn.