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Winterizing Your Houseplants

Do you really need to winterize your indoor houseplants? This is a question we’ve been hearing quite often in recent months, especially with the surge of new plant parents – read on for more...

Plant Enthusiast Must Have Rare Plants of 2020

A truly unique and rare plant goes a long way to offer a new look, some bold color, and a different shape that refreshes your spaces...and your soul. Here are three of our rare, wonderful favorites.

Top 5 Plants of 2020

Discover our top five plants of 2020 you didn’t know you needed until now. Perfect for indoors or out, add some greenery into your space during this new decade!

Sansevieria: Different Names, Bold Varieties & Lots of Reasons to Have One in Every Room

Sansevieria are easy to spot, with a structural, modern profile that adds a certain stature to a room. Perhaps more importantly, Snake Plants have been named by NASA as #1 on their list of Air Cleansing Plants.

Low Maintenance Plants to Add to Your Space

We all have those corners in our home that we just don’t know what to do with. Have the urge to put something there, but just don’t know what… Well, we have the answer, A houseplant! Discover our top low maintenance houseplants that...

When is it the best time to repot?

We’re asked all the time: “How will I know when it’s time to repot my plant?” Of course, you want the best for your new plant. Here are some easy tips to help it grow and flourish.

Our Top Holiday Gifts for Plant Lovers

Plant lovers -it’s absolutely…ahem… unbeLEAFable how quickly the holidays are approaching! Instead of fighting crowds at the mall, why not give a gift guaranteed to “plant” a smile on anyone’s face…

Very Merry Plant Additions to Your Holiday Home

You see Christmas trees at every turn, hear carols at all the shops, and smell fresh gingerbread wafting through the air. We bet your thoughts are turning to how to deck your halls. We’ve assembled some creative...

A Fantasy of Halloween-Inspired Plants

Have you had your first Pumpkin Spice Latte yet? Are you bravely trying to ignore the candy bowls sitting atop almost every desk at the office? Is everyone talking about costumes? Yes, it’s almost Halloween!

How to Create a Showstopping Planter Arrangement

When plotting out a new arrangement, whether it is to feature flowering plants or just greenery, it’s important to remember there is no right or wrong plant combination. With 6 simple steps, create your own...

Caring for Your Container Arrangement

Container gardening can be incredibly rewarding, as it showcases your creativity and your signature style. Flower-filled containers are a beautiful way to accent a porch, patio or walkway.

Licuala Grandis in Italian Terracotta Pot

The 10” Licuala Grandis is already proving to be one of the favorites in our new Terracotta Pot collection. Also known as the Ruffled Fan Palm, the Licuala Grandis brings eye-catching texture front and...

Introducing PlantVine Potted Plants

We’ve made it simple and convenient to add the beauty of plants to any spot you choose. As with all our products, our potted plants are meticulously handpicked. Next, we select an exquisite Italian terracotta pot,

Houseplants Add Beautifully to Your Fall Decor

At last, the long, hot summer is behind us. We welcome the cooler temperatures of fall, while we begin to contemplate upcoming holiday festivities. It’s a great time to think about ways to incorporate some cozy...

Our Top 10 Pet Friendly Plants for Your Home

You should always think of your pets when selecting a new plant to bring into your home. Many folks aren’t aware that some plants contain toxins which, if ingested by your cat or dog, could make them ill.

Overwintering Your Outdoor Plants

As Summer begins to wind down, our Plant Lovers from colder climates frequently ask us, “How best can my plants survive the Winter?” Luckily, it IS possible to keep some of your less cold-hardy plants...

NEW! PlantVine Terracotta Planters

Introducing our Newest PlantVine Terracotta Planters! Looking for the perfect pot for your plants? Look no further than our terracotta planters. Each pot is crafted in Italy. Their unglazed finish adds "modern-rustic" ...

Women Making History With Plants

At PlantVine, we wanted to do something special on this historic day. We thought, "What can we add to the commemoration?" It didn't take us long to come up with the idea to celebrate women who are...

Boost Your Mood with a Dash of Green

Need a mood booster? Stressed at work or school? We’ve got a simple, effective idea sure to help. Add some plants to your life! Plants are so much more than lovely to look at…

Our Top Five “College-Bound” Plant Picks

Hard to believe, but Summer is winding down. We bet you’re already compiling lists of things you’ll need to take to school, whether you’re heading for a dorm or an apartment share.