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Picture of Pau
Pau (@plantmomlab)

Hi, I am Pau or on Instagram you may know me as @plantmomlab. I am a doctor in Family Medicine, with more than 10 years of experience in adult medicine. Most of my work day I spend successfully convincing people in any age group and with any kind of physical limitations and diseases to eat well, exercise and stay positive. A few years ago I added motherhood to my curriculum. Since then, when I am not working, I run after my children while having a conversation with my husband and cleaning the kitchen. A while back, I also became interested in plant parenthood and writing as a way to disconnect a little from my routine, while adding another aspect of wellness through caring for both indoor and outdoor plants and sharing my knowledge and experience about plants with those who have the same interest.

I think only relatively recently is that we started to realize the many health benefits associated with having or caring for plants and I was lucky to find in PlantVine a platform to share, not only tips and care instructions but also some of the interesting scientific findings that give plants another “edge” for those looking to add wellness, balance or just some clean air to their lives.

philodendron birkin in pot
Philodendron Birkin Plant: My New Favorite

Love at First Sight: Philodendron Birkin When I started my plant parenthood journey, I started with the prettiest plants I could find. I simply went to a garden center and picked the foliage that attracted me the most and placed them throughout my house based on wherever they looked best. I hadn’t bothered researching light […]

young sad woman near wet window after the rain misses the ficus
How can plants affect your mental health?

Getting through the winter months may seem like a difficult task at times, with dry air and short days, but it is about to get better! "Seasonal depression is a medical condition that affects more than half...

Low Light Plants

Let me start by saying: plants love light. They require light for photosynthesis which is the process by which they turn carbon dioxide and water into their food and the oxygen that gets released back into...

monstera deliciosa swiss cheese vine
Choosing a Statement Plant

As a dedicated plant parent, I have had the desire to explore different ways to bring greenery into my home, from the ready-to-go, statement plant, to cuttings for propagation. Big or small, there’s...

sansevieria masonia whale fin
First Time Plant Parent Guide

Discover tips of the trade to become a successful plant parent. Like everything, there is a learning curve. But I can’t think of many things more satisfactory that to see a plant grow and thrive, no matter how...

sansevieria zeylancia pau planting
Thinking of Becoming a Plant Parent?

Easy-care, low maintenance, indoor plants for beginners If you are experiencing a green fever and have been wanting to immerse yourself in caring for plants, you are not alone.