A Garden-Full of Gorgeous: Delivered to Your Door

Create the garden of your dreams from our fabulous selection of tropical plants, palms, and trees.

Introducing the Small Things Interior Collections, a PlantVine exclusive

In your choice of three sizes, the collections are a festive addition to your holiday home. You can also divide and conquer! Separate the collection and gift them individually to some very lucky recipients.

Our Top Picks

Ficus lyrata

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata, Fiddle Leaf Fig

$20.00 $200.00 Select options

Monstera deliciosa

Swiss Cheese Vine

Monstera deliciosa, Swiss Cheese Vine, Philodendron pertusum, Monstera lennea, Mexican Breadfruit, Ceriman

$49.00 $290.00 Select options

Tecoma stans

Yellow Elder

Tecoma stans, Yellow Elder, Esperanza, Trumpetflower, Bells of Fire

$43.00 $215.00 Select options

Coccothrinax crinita

Old Man Palm

Coccothrinax crinita, Old Man Palm, Thatch Palm, Palma Petate

$102.95 $429.95 Select options

Cold Hardy Plants for Winter

As temperatures drop, we’ve handpicked a collection of our most popular cold hardy plants. A splash of green indoors or out can really boost spirits as winter approaches.