Darryl’s Discoveries: March 2023

Philodendron Mexicanum

Giant Swiss Cheese Vine Totem

Botanical Name: Monstera Adansonii
Like pothos vines, the leaves of adansonii’s get larger the higher they climb. These plants were rooted using cuttings from the top of mature plants, where the leaves were already huge. The Swiss Cheese Plant is instantly recognizable with its uniquely shaped leaves featuring multiple oval holes. Botanists theorize the holes allow sun and water to reach the lower leaves, and enable the plant to stand up to strong winds. They love to climb when supported by a trellis or a pole. These specimens are amazing because you normally find Adansonii’s as younger plants with small leaves. Scroll the pictures to check out the size of the leaves!!

Philodendron Mexicanum

This tri-lobed, strap leaf philodendron is a climber which grows fast. Its natural habitats are the rainforests of Mexico down to upper South America. The leaves have a distinctive deeply lobed shape and can get quite large, often up to 2 feet long, often resembling dog ears. This unusual and rare plant is a true collector’s item. I have one ginormous specimen which is almost 4ft wide!

Variegated Crinum Lily

Botanical Name: Crinum Asiaticum Variegata
Crinum Asiaticum, or Crinum Lily, are large flowering plants with very fragrant white flowers which grow directly from the base. The variegated version is also called “Striped Bengal Lily”. Variegated crinum lilies are very hard to find and even more striking than the green with long, white streaks running the length of the leaves. It is relatively fast growing when grown outdoors and does best in bright shade indoors.

Amydrium Zippelianum Trellis

Amydrium zippelianum is a gorgeous aroid with dark green leaves resembling a palm leaves. It is an herbaceous climbing evergreen species with leaves which get up to 18” long! The leaves, like many climbing tropicals, get larger as the plant climbs. This species is native to Maluku Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Amydrium is a rare plant which is easy to grow and adds an attractive exotic vibe to any space.

Variegated Elephant Ear

Botanical Name: Alocasia Odorata Variegata
This rare elephant ear looks like a painting with splashes of white, cream and shades of green. The leaves can grow to about two feet long and are held on sturdy stems, which are also variegated. Each leaf is uniquely variegated with some coming out in a half moon or fully variegated pattern. Because these alocasias require less light than their green counterpart, they can be placed in shadier areas, but make sure they get sufficient indirect light. The inflorescence has a lovely sweet fragrance at night and early morning.