Pilea Peperomioides (or Chinese Money Plant) Care Guide

Pilea Peperomioides or the Chinese Money Plant has a unique appearance that shows off glossy, coin-shaped leaves. This easy care beauty is a fast grower, and “rebarkably” pet friendly plant.

Chinese Money PlantFuss Factor*: 2

Light: Does best in bright indirect light – the brighter the better! Rotate every so often to ensure even growth.

Watering Frequency: Allow the top 2-3 inches of soil tp dry out between waterings. Drooping leaves are an indication it’s time to water.

Soil: No special requirements. Does best in organic, well-draining soil.

Humidity: Will thrive with average household humidity.

Pests: Can be affected by mealy bugs and scale.


  • Do not leave in direct sunlight for prolonged periods as leaves may burn.
  • Yellow leaves indicates there is a watering issue.
  • Pilea have pores on the leaf’s underside. Sometimes the plant releases excess minerals through these pores which will appear as white spots on the leaves. These are non-harmful , merely a result of hard water. Try using filtered or distilled water.

Zones: Houseplant approved, but can be placed outdoors in warmer zones 8-11

*Fuss Factor: We grade our plants on level of care from 1 to 5.

  1. Low Maintenance Marvels – great choice for new plant parents
  2. Easy to Care For, Easy to Love
  3. Relatively low maintenance, but will need some regular attention
  4. Apply TLC, you’ll love the results
  5. Recommended for Helicopter Plant Parents – Labor intensive, but so worth it