Here are the top five plants of 2020 you didn’t know you needed until now.

ZZ Plant

1. Zz plant

The ZZ Plant is #1 in the easy-to-care department. It’s the toughest plant around making it perfect for any office or home. The ZZ can survive through the busiest to the most caring lives of its plant parent. The leaves are constantly a vibrant green, making some people question if it’s plastic. It’s also a great air purifier especially if your new year resolution is to be healthier and breathe better. View ZZ Plant >>

Money Tree

2. Money tree

We all need a little luck with money this year so what better than the Water Chestnut, also known as the Money Tree. It’s another almost kill-proof tree that is easy to grow to your liking. They love moist soil so it’s almost impossible to over water, just make sure your pot has good drainage. View Money Tree >>

Yellow Elder

3. Tecoma stans

Yellow Elder is the perfect flexible option. Looking for a tree? It can be a tree. Looking for a shade bush or a trellis? It can do that, too. If you’re looking to bring it indoors, simply trim it down into a small bush. It brings joy when you see those beautiful sunshine yellow flowers bloom. View Tecoma Stans >>

Monstera Deliciosa

4. Monstera Deliciosa

When you hear Monstera you can’t help to know it’s going to be a monster. It lives up to its name by being a popular house plant for many years. It’s growing in popularity due to its uniquely split leaves. It also is referred to as the swiss cheese plant because its leaves can resemble swiss cheese. It is a very easy-going plant that can freshen up any corner in your home. View Monstera >>

Whale Fin

5. Whale Fin Snake Plant

Last but definitely not least, growing quickly in popularity is the Whale Fin. This is a runner up to the ZZ for being easy to care for. The Whale Fin is slow-growing but mighty. Its paddle leaves can grow up to 3 ft. Its leaves have a distinctive mottled dark and light green pattern that adds a lovely touch to any room. Like all sansevierias, this plant is famous for its air-purifying abilities. It’s a great gift for plant newbies, as it requires very little maintenance, and thrives in a wide range of light conditions. View Whale Fin >> or View Variegated Whale Fin >>

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