When is it the best time to repot?

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Repotting Plants 101: When is it time to repot?

We’re asked all the time: “How will I know when it’s time to repot my plant?” Of course, you want the best for your new plant. Here are some easy tips to help it grow and flourish. 

Misting plant
It is important to wait 1-2 weeks after arrival before repotting your plant(s).

Tip #1: We always recommend waiting at least 1-2 weeks after you receive your new PlantVine plant before replanting or repotting. Why? You want to make sure your new addition has had time to recover from shipping, and to acclimate to its new environment.  

Planting a plant
As soon as you notice your plant’s roots coming out of the pot, it’s time to repot!

Tip #2: As soon as you notice your plant’s roots coming out of the pot, it’s time to repot! You may see either roots protruding over the top; or roots pushing out of the draining holes at the bottom. Your plant has become root bound. To avoid this, keep an eye on the plant’s growth, paying special attention to the plant’s roots. Should your plant become extremely root bound, transplanting may be quite difficult, but extremely necessary. So, get to it! Plants may experience stunted growth if their container is not the correct size. Though all plants have different growth speed, a good rule of thumb is repotting each of your indoor plants once a year. 

Terracotta plant pots
When choosing a new pot, professional gardeners suggest to go up 2-4” larger in diameter than your previous pot.

Tip #3: Okay, you’ve noticed it’s time to repot your plant. How much larger should the next pot be? Professional gardeners suggest to go up 2-4” larger in diameter (though every plant is different.) A slow growing plant works well in a 2” upgrade. For a fast grower, you may want to go slightly larger. FYI: standard pot sizes are:  Medium 6”, Large 8-10”, Extra Large 12-14.”

Please note: plants tended to by even the most careful and seasoned gardeners may experience a bit of shock after being transplanted. Rest assured: this is normal. Your plant needs some time to adjust and acclimate to its new environment. Those plant parents who panic may shower too much care on their plant…which leads to added stress on the plant. Our Natural Root Stimulant can help this problem! Not only will it help reduce shock caused by transplanting, it also promotes healthy root growth. Give it a try. Your plants will thank you.