The 10” Licuala Grandis is already proving to be one of the favorites in our new Terracotta Pot collection.

Licuala Grandis in 10″ Terracotta Planter

Also known as the Ruffled Fan Palm, the Licuala Grandis brings eye-catching texture front and center to indoor or outside spaces. Its rustic terracotta container is a beautiful counterpoint to the lush palm. 

The Australian native hails from the tropics, so a warm and humid spot is preferred. In zones 10a-11, the palm can stay outdoors year-round. But, plant collectors in colder climates may want to feature the plant indoors. The Licuala will thrive on a protected patio in zones 4b-11 during the summer. When temperatures begin to dip, it should be moved to overwinter indoors. Make sure to find a place that’s well away from an air conditioning vent, or any drafts. 

These single slender trunk palms are known for their elegance appearance, and their low maintenance needs. Make sure to water thoroughly. They’ll do best in bright indirect light – especially any south or north-facing window. Avoid direct sunlight, as this may burn the leaves. Their glossy fan-like fronds tend to face towards the light, so be sure to turn the Licuala occasionally to maintain even growth. You may want to fertilize two times a year. The Licuala Grandis is slow growing, and will usually reach a height of 5 to 10 ft. >> Purchase your very own potted Licuala Grandis