PlantVine is excited to announce our newest arrivals: Potted Plants!

We’ve made it simple and convenient to add the beauty of plants to any spot you choose.¬†As with all our products, our potted plants are meticulously handpicked. Next, we select an exquisite Italian terracotta pot, fill it with our special indoor organic soil blend, and then add our PlantVine natural root stimulant. These PlantVine extras come at no additional cost in this special Collection, and will certainly help your plant thrive.
For our new Potted Plant group, we’ve chosen a mix of our bestselling plants and some more unusual ones you may not find elsewhere. Here are five selections that head our new Potted Plant Collection:

1. Monstera Adansonii:

Called the “Swiss Cheese Plant” because of its unique scattering of oval-shaped holes, this popular beauty is an easy care choice for beginners and experts. This Monstera arrives in 6″ planter that brings home a touch of exoticism. See potted Monstera >>

2. Calathea Ornata:

Dark green glossy leaves are pinstriped in pink, then finished with an underside of reddish-purple. Anywhere you place it, the Calathea becomes a focal point. The Calathea comes in an 8″ planter. See potted Calathea >>

3. Dwarf Jade:

Many plant lovers feature this easy-to-grow Jade Tree as they would a bonsai. Its medium sized 8″ planter is a lovely choice for table top or desk. See potted Dwarf Jade >>

4. Dracaena Gold Star:

This statuesque beauty is an eye-catching mix of dark green centers framed by vibrant lime green. Not just another “pretty face,” the Gold Star is famous for its air purifying abilities. It arrives in a room-enhancing 8″ planter. See potted Dracaena >>

5. Licuala Grandis:

Texture takes center stage in this rainforest native. Its glossy, pleated fan-like fronds make this one of the most elegant small palms. The Licuala Grandis comes in a 10″ planter that brings a touch of the tropics indoors. See potted Licuala >>