Choosing a Statement Plant

Choosing a Statement Plant

Transform your space with lush greenery

As a dedicated plant parent, I have had the desire to explore different ways to bring greenery into my home, from the ready-to-go, statement plant, to cuttings for propagation. Big or small, there’s something about green that I just can’t get enough of!

And one of the most exciting ways for me has been to find the perfect statement plant to instantly transform dull spaces into a small jungle, whether it is a dramatic corner piece with large foliage, or the perfect centerpiece in a living room.

These are my top picks for fully grown, tall and full plants that promise to add a wow factor to your living spaces:

1. Monstera deliciosa:

Monstera deliciosa

This household name is not gratuitous. A fully grown monstera brings huge, deep green, dramatic fenestrated leaves to the table. It is also a climber, and given the proper support, can reach very high points. It is also a rather low maintenance plant, which makes it the ideal plant for anyone, experienced or inexperienced in plant care who’s looking to transform a newly decorated room with a large pop of green.

2. Ficus lyrata:

Ficus lyrataAlso commonly known as Fiddle Leaf Fig, this ever popular plant has large, leathery leaves and grows to be quite high. The most experienced plant parents out there rave about their beauty and for years has been in the top list of indoor trees for interior decorators. It is a little more demanding in its care but its beauty is well worth the effort.

3. Ficus benjamina:

Ficus benjaminaThe Weeping Fig is a great option for those looking for instant height for a bright corner, ideally next to a window. This is a stunning plant for indoor use, provided you give it enough view of the sky, otherwise it may start shedding its leaves.

4. Schefflera:


The Umbrella Tree is a very low maintenance option that has the additional benefit of air purifying properties. Its leaves grow in clusters that resemble an umbrella and it can does very well with filtered, medium light. Indoors, can reach heights of about 6 feet, and outdoors can be twice as much. Not the best plant if you have pets, as its known to be toxic to small animals.

5. Rhapis excelsa:

Rhapis excelsa The Lady Palm, like Schefflera, is a perfect beginner plant given its low maintenance nature and air purifying properties. It has fanned branches that grow both tall and full in foliage bring a tropical appeal to any room.

6. Ficus elastica:

Ficus elastica The Rubber Plant is a show-stopper thanks to its beautiful leaves that can be found in different color such as pinks and yellows in the variegated variety or ruby red, among others. It grows very fast and it prefers brighter spots, right on a window.

7. Licuala grandis:

Licuala grandisThis palm with glossy, fan-like fronds is beautiful and elegant. It is commonly used as a statement piece outdoors, but it does great when potted and placed indoors as well, as long as it is placed in a bright, sunny spot.

8. Strelitzia reginae:

Strelitzia reginaeThe Bird of paradise grows in long stems with large leaves and are a staple of tropical climates. It thrives in bright locations and can reach about 5-7 feet in height when used indoors. It is not pet friendly as it can cause stomach issues if chewed.

9. Dracaena:

DracaenaCare-free, tall, slender and with striking spiky leaves. Perfect in a corner, even in medium to low light conditions. They can be found in different varieties with different color foliage. They also possess excellent air purifying abilities.

10. Fishtail palm:

Fishtail palmTall, bushy palm that brings the tropical feel into any room. It likes bright, indirect light but lower light conditions suffice. It also prefers high humidity. They can get really tall, which is perfect for spaces with high ceilings, like atriums, foyers, etc.