Boost Your Mood with a Dash of Green

Need a mood booster? Stressed at work or school? We’ve got a simple, effective idea sure to help. Add some plants to your life! Plants are so much more than lovely to look at… they are therapeutic, can sharpen your focus and improve your mood.


Ever wonder why people bring flowers and plants to hospital patients? Sure, plants absolutely brighten the environment, but they can also lower anxiety and improve feelings of well-being – which positively impacts your health. Research has proven rooms that overlook greenery, or that feature plants inside tend to be more cheerful and inviting. This can go a long way to improving feelings of depression. A positive mental state definitely speeds the healing process.


Stress and low attentiveness are common among office workers and students. Plant’s air filtering abilities can heighten focus. Having an environment with cleaner air allows for an increase in productivity.


These days, we spend the bulk of our time working indoors. There is no interaction with nature. During the work week, we so seldom get the benefit of that more relaxed feeling that comes from being outside. Re-creating nature indoors – bringing some nature to us – can really help. Adding a bit of greenery on your desk can change your mood each time you glimpse it. It can add life to a colorless room and relax you.

Plant in Ceramic Pot
Plant in Ceramic Pot

Lavender, Aloe, English Ivy, Basil and Peace Lily are just some of the plants which have been scientifically proven to be mood enhancers. The scent of lavender is used to calm nerves, relieve headaches and treat depression. Aloe is thought to bring positive energy into your home. (And, of course, its topical benefits in treating skin irritations is well known.) NASA scientists have shown that English Ivy is the most effective air-filtering houseplant. The smell of Basil can reduce stress. The Peace Lily is another organic air purifier that also aids relaxation. And we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Doesn’t matter where you are, surrounding yourself with plants will beautify your world, and be beneficial for your health and well-being.