PlantVine General Plant Care Instructions

PlantVine General Plant Care Instructions

First and foremost, you’ll need to determine a location your new plant: indoors, on the patio, or planted outside in your garden. Your plant’s final location will dictate some aspects of its care.

Here are some important tips and information from our professional care team:

WATERING: Developing proper watering routines is perhaps the hardest thing to learn. Spending a bit of time online researching the watering cycle of your specific plant will be incredibly beneficial. For example, it’s no surprise the watering requirements of Cacti and Succulents are dramatically different than, let’s say, philodendrons. In general, it is better to underwater then to overwater. Overwatering could result in root rot that might compromise your lovely plant. Pay attention to the soil drainage when determining how often to water your plant. Most plants will do well if you only water once the soil is dry to the touch and doesn’t feel cool. For succulents and cacti, you’ll want to leave the soil dry for a while before re-watering.

HUMIDITY: Indoor environments typically lack the humidity essential to many tropical plants. If you place your tropical plant in a “dry air” environment, remember to mist its leaves occasionally to keep them looking their loveliest.

pottes licuala

SUN: PlantVine’s interior plants have been shade-grown. When these arrive at your home, be sure to place them where they will receive bright indirect light. Direct sunlight may scorch the plant’s leaves. Inversely, sun grown plants may partially defoliate if kept in shade. The shade houses where they grow are almost always going to provide more sun than inside your home. It’s normal for your plant to lose leaves while it gets used less light (the bigger the difference, the more leaf loss/yellowing will occur). It’s best if you place the plant where it can see the sky initially and slowly move it to its final location.

SELECTING THE RIGHT LOCATION: If you are planning to keep your plant on the patio, make sure you research the lowest temperature it can tolerate. Most of PlantVine’s plants are tropical, and can withstand temperatures down to 40 degrees. If a freeze is imminent, your plant should come indoors.

FERTILIZING: Please do not fertilize your plants upon their arrival, as they need some time to recover from shipping. We recommend fertilizing 2 months after delivery. Be sure to select the proper fertilizer for your specific plant, “Palm” “House Plant”, etc.

SOIL: When you’re ready to transplant your new addition (no sooner than 7 days after its arrival) to a new pot or in the ground, use the proper soil for your specific plant.

SELECTING THE CORRECT POT: If you are planning to keep your plant inside your home or on your patio, choose a pot with a drainage hole at the bottom. This is crucial, as it prevents excess water from building up and causing root rot or other fungal issues.

We hope you enjoy your new plants! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our friendly customer service team is standing by to help.

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